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Wednesday, Jul. 23, 2014

Virginia News

State was fixing ‘streeting’ problem before July 1

Virginia mental health officials presented new evidence Tuesday that the state was fixing its problem with “streeting” people in psychiatric crisis even before a package of new laws took effect July 1 to end the phenomenon.

McAuliffe will not appeal ruling against school takeover division

Gov. Terry McAuliffe will not appeal a ruling that deemed the state’s school takeover division unconstitutional.

Police investigate bodies found in Bedford County

Police are investigating the deaths of a man and a woman whose partially decomposed bodies were found at a home in Bedford County.

McAuliffe orders more state contracts assigned to small businesses

Gov. Terry McAuliffe will sign an executive order today requiring state agencies to award more than 42 percent of contracts to small businesses.

Va. firefighters to combat wildfires in Oregon

Firefighters from the Virginia Department of Forestry are helping to combat wildfires in central Oregon.

President selected for Union Mortgage Group

James G. “JG” Carter III has been hired as president and CEO for the affiliate of Union Bankshares, which owns Union First Market Bank. 

Volunteers help maintain Va. parkway cemeteries

— The epitaph on Mellawalka Wilson’s tombstone got the story half right.

Southern Environmental Law Center says 94 percent of coal ash still in river

An environmental group has criticized Duke Energy following its clean-up of a 2,500-ton coal ash deposit at Schoolfield Dam, saying the company has not accounted for the remainder of its 39,000-ton coal ash spill into the Dan River.

Va. was still 'streeting' patients early in 2014

The finding dismayed state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, whose 24-year-old son attacked him and killed himself in November, 13 hours after being released from an expired emergency custody order even though he posed a threat to himself.

McDonnell wants to keep private a subpoena for out-of-state official

Bob McDonnell is asking a federal judge for permission to keep private a subpoena for a public official from another state who might be called to testify at the former governor’s upcoming corruption trial.

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